Cre8shuns By Lilian

Jewelry and Artifacts Inspired by the World

Self-adornment, commonly known as jewelry, occurred as early as 100,000 years ago.  During my travels to countries around the World including Turkey, Cambodia, Africa, Central America, Russia and more, I have collected several ancient components as well as new items made by the local artisans.  Those items are then used in the design of my work and allow you to experience the substance of history in its connection to now.  Wearing the colors, textures and warmth of yesterday through gemstones and findings from around the World are my way of bringing the spirit of the world, along with its history to you. 

Come travel through this site and feel the history of the old and its connection to the new. Feel the warmth and the love that envelops each design.  The textures, colors and warmth of these pieces will truly enhance your individuality.



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