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Lilian Cartwright began her life in New York City, came of age in Washington, DC, and spent much of her adult life in Chicago. Her undergraduate study of psychology and sociology at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri, awakened her sensitivity to how people and societies reflect and express themselves in their tradition of clothing and adornment. She has lived in Thailand and traveled to Spain, Cambodia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Belize, Vietnam, Myanmar (Burma), Russia, Morocco and more.  Lilian has watched artisans from other countries design and form their art and continually searched for hidden treasures among vendors in various bazaars, souks and marketplaces. Her finds have resulted in designs showing an increased awareness of people's desire to show the history and culture of their country in jewelry as personal adornment.

Her love of fashion and style grew as she sashayed down the Ebony Fashion Fair runway. Her business sense developed from the several years spent in Motorola's corporate headquarters, and from more than a decade as an advertising sales executive for both television and print.

A lifetime of mentoring and influence was absorbed from having artists and teachers in two preceding generations, including a painter/sculptor mother who helped to nurture her creative talents. Lilian and her family presently reside in San Diego, California.

Her Cre8shuns® have been described as sophisticated, contemporary and ethnic. In addition to jewelry, her works include framed photography and her personal greeting card line have been featured locally in Chicago and New York and in national newspapers and magazines. Lilian's Cre8shuns® continue to be carried at museum shops, Art Galleries and boutiques.



Camel Ride in Morocco

Travel Adventures

2018 took us to Morocco and Costa Rica. We found Iguanas, Camels, Desert Beatles and of course great baubles and beads to use in new Cre8shuns®. Where will the ventures take us this year? Stay tuned!